Daily Archives: November 22, 2012


So having met accomplished session drummer Steve Laffy and joining JAMA we have been rehearsing and revising and generally getting our heads down to get a setlist together – now we have our first ever gig! At the Fringe Bar in Clifton, it is free entry.

Come down for delicious beats and groovy treats.

Here’s a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” I did a while ago for ACM:

SD Card dump!

I went to the Bristol guitar show a month or so ago – here’s what they had to offer:

A wall of PRS guitars at the Bristol Guitar Show. What I would give for a canister of CS gas and a van.

Vanquish Legend.

Alex Hutchins likes to rock as hard as anyone, but he likes to know he’s rockin’ safe – insure your axes, kids.

Saw Trivium fighting the good fight at the O2


and local heroes Turbowolf dominating at the Fleece (on the same night)


And the sweaty psychopaths that are Turbowolf fans

That’s all there is! A nice balanced text-to-picture ratio for you all.

And a link to me playing Bach’s Invention No. 8 from “Shredding Bach” by Wolfgang Schauss: