Daily Archives: July 28, 2013

Summer Doings

Here! Photos from the stage of the last two JAMA gigs:

The Birdcage bar:


Harbourside Festival:


Both awesome, Harbourside more so because as we played a thunderstorm rolled in and at the end of our set everyone got annihilated by buckets of water.



Two gigs with JAMA in the last month, and I’m starting to notice a bit of a trend; initially we’re met with quite a cool reception. The first few songs are solidly in “White people playing black music” territory – despite having Senegalese, Indian and French musicians, it isn’t until Cecilia, our much-loved Zimbabwean singer, takes the stage that anyone really starts to loosen up. It never takes more than a few songs for her to get people dancing but what always interests me is how perceptive audiences can be. I saw a band called Future Dub Orchestra at the start of July, and they were a prime example of all the right elements being in place and yet any sense of authenticity was completely missing; it struck me as a band that gets together once every two weeks to rehearse music that one guy writes, then plays wherever this guy books a gig. This is fine but there was no chemistry, no life or energy that made me feel that these people loved what they were doing, and this is something that I think people see in JAMA before Cecilia comes onstage – we are all proficient musicians and well-rehearsed but for the first few numbers we appear lifeless and this is just not okay. I didn’t decide to be a musician to stand onstage and shy away behind a speaker cab, the point of being on a stage is to be seen and heard and engage with everyone watching you, and if you can’t do that then something is very, very wrong.

TL;DR: Don’t be dull when onstage.


Cort C4H! I own it now, I used it to record this:


See you later happy campers.