I have been playing guitar for what feels like my entire life. I began when I was 7, on a tiny acoustic guitar with plastic strings. My teacher taught me to play nursery rhymes and classical music and I absolutely hated it; it wasn’t until I was older and I saw a friend performing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that I fell in love with music.



Since then I have seized every opportunity afforded to me to make music, from one-day band events like the “Test Valley School of Rock” to original bands, home-made demo recordings and nationwide tours. I have been lucky enough to combine this colourful musical experience with a thorough formal musical education, including A-level qualifications in Music and Music Technology, ABRSM Grade 5 Theory and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Hons).


I combine enthusiasm with knowledge and experience to provide the best learning environment possible.


To learn more about me, and to see more of what I get up to, please visit my blog.