Recently, more stuff. In particular, I saw Opeth in Nottingham and they are every bit as tight live as they are on record, with the added bonus of covering Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” (twice in thirty seconds). Given three hours of train journey to listen to their new album I started to fall in love with it so if you don’t have “Heritage” and you enjoy progressive melodic death metal with jazz and folk influences I suggest you get on with buying it.

Also as a perk of working at a guitar shop I was able to pick up a Westone Thunder I for the grand total of £40. With a new volume pot, coil tap and pickup selector, a good deal of soldering and polishing and a great amount of tea I brought it into a usable condition and this thing sustains for fucking forever. Here it is:

Having been kicked around and abused for the best part of three decades this little piece of Japanese history is now fully prepared to kick ass.
Finally here is a guitar-less (or near enough) piece of music. It’s been lying around on my hard drive for the last six months so I gave it an ending and a title and sent it on it’s merry way into the internet. “The Razor King” is a reference to the Shrike from the epic space opera “Hyperion”, should you care even a little bit – it’s a great book to read once.

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